About Us

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Yencer Builders Inc. is growing family run business founded in 1992. Dave Yencer, and two of his sons, Kevin and Steve, began the company with the belief that “a job should be done right the first time.” Dave’s wife Roberta (known to many as “Bobbie”) took on the role of Secretary and handled the finances. Dave’s other son Chris became the IT person for the Company. In 2010, Dave retired leaving the business to operate under the direction of Kevin and Steve. In 2011, Roberta has joined Dave with her retirement from the company.

Together, the family has worked to form a strong company with a focus on quality construction. Combining the experience of over 41 years, the company grew that focus and adopted the slogan “when quality counts.”

We specialize in residential new construction, additions, renovations and light commercial construction. We feel that construction is a unique business; most consumer items are the same from one store to the other leaving you only with the decision of who is cheaper and closer to drive to.

Our belief is the quality of the construction we provide to you will make a difference, not the materials you choose. We work with the same subcontractors on a daily basis, holding them to our same high standards.

We are pleased to offer you professionalism and expertise as local builders in Kent and Sussex County in “the First State”, Delaware. We have a team to take care of your project.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting to see what “our family can do for yours.”

Meet the family!

  • David Yencer
  • Retired
  • David Yencer
  • Roberta (Bobbie) Yencer
  • Retired
  • Bobbie Yencer